Summer Trends 2022

We are midway through 2022 and it’s starting to feel a little like summer!

I was very excited to attend the zoom class for the 2022 Summer Trend Report— even if I couldn’t be in Italy in person. The trend reports are always a great insight into the directions that fashion is taking us.

The big focus we’re seeing are products designed to be eco-friendly. This means a reduction in the use of plastics, moving towards more sustainable materials like wood or metal. Also included is the consideration of the impact manufacturing has on the environment. In terms of textiles, things like hemp, linen, or even bamboo are less polluting and take less resources to grow than silk or cotton. We’re likely to see more fabrics made from these more sustainable materials.

As always, fashion reinvents itself for the future by borrowing styles from the past. Fashion forecasters have shown that “hippy” clothes, accompanied by tie dye and crochet, are an up and coming trend in fashion. Along with these are the “Rodeo Style”, complete with western boots, and restyled “work clothes” in the form of pastels and denim. Luxury and elegance debut alongside with the return of the gilded age of the late 1800’s, leaving us sparkling in metallics and gold.

In the realm of hair color, we’re seeing a shift towards warmer colors. Blond tones become buttery. Brunettes are complimented with neutral to warm, and even coppery gold, Haircuts are also showing to a 70’s influence with lots of soft shapes.

I have been very excited for my newest hair color system to arrive!

Coloro is a color that acts like a treatment and illuminates your hair at the same time. It’s a unique color, because it doesn’t change your natural hair. So even if you are blending gray hair (up to 60% coverage), you won’t have a regrowth line.

You can refresh your mid lengths with Coloro at the same time you permanently color your gray away, as well as some great tones to achieve beautiful highlight shades!

Coloro is 84% of natural origin and produced sustainably.