Welcome to the New Site

Hello Dear Friends!

I am reaching out to you in this moment of uncertainty and hope that you are safe and healthy.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me by text, phone, and on social media. I am grateful for all of you. For those of you who don’t know, I can be found on Instagram @jackieallenhairdesign and on Facebook at Jackie Allen Hair Design, (just “like” me on Facebook). I will be posting on both of those sites as information comes in.

I would love to tell you that I CAN do your hair. Unfortunately, I can’t operate my business legally and will be fined if I do. I would love to share with you, as we had in the past, all the moments and funny things that happen throughout our busy lives. Of our family and friends, the projects and garden talk, and future wish lists of new hairstyles. Even the complaints of life’s little injustices. But we have to take into consideration those at risk if they are exposed to this virus. We have to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We have to do the hardest thing for human beings, SOCIAL DISTANCING.

We will get through this — THIS THING WE’VE NEVER ENCOUNTERED BEFORE — and hopefully be healthier than we were before. We will have a lot to talk about then!

I have been asked several questions about what to do with your hair color growing out. As you know I am an educator for Kemon hair color. I am an expert on that. But over the counter hair color is a different composition that I am not an expert on. It has basically the same components as Kemon — an activator and hair dye. When you combine those they create hair coloring. Some colors are permanent and penetrate inside the hair shaft. Some are semi-permanent and lay on top of the first layer of the hair cuticle. Some are darker, some are lighter, and some have different tones such as red, gold, ash, etc. I am not naïve to the fact that you are going to reach for this as a solution, but I cannot guide you.

I know the person you see in the mirror is the person you want to look the best, even in these trying times of isolation. Some of you still have to report to a computer screen for work. I understand and will not stand in judgment if you try to do this yourself, but I cannot fix it if something goes wrong. When I report back to work I am going to wear my roots in solidarity for your abstinence. Remember I need you when I return. I am not getting paid now. I have kept a cushion for emergencies but, without your business I cannot continue to succeed.

There are several root touch up products available for use. You can also use mascara followed by dry shampoo over the mascara and brushed after application.

A lot of you have asked, “Who are you taking first?” I am going to call all of you to schedule appointments. I am going to go down the list from the first person I cancelled until I reach everyone. I know everyone will want to get in right away. I am going to be working extra hours to catch up. Forgive me please it will be crazy. If you have really messed up your hair color on your own, I will not be able to spend the time necessary to fix it. We can do that down the road. I need to service as many people as possible. However I will be able to retouch your new growth or any fast fixes. (What I think is fast.)

I will post directly to Facebook and Instagram with any changes. I am grateful for your past patronage and I will see you when this is over. May you stay healthy, witty and wise!

Jackie Allen,
Jackie Allen Hair Design