Jackie Allen Hair Design is Open Again!

Jackie Allen Hair Design

Wow! What unbelievable times we are living in. I never expected to be off for this amount of time. I have missed talking with all of you so much.

Of course I have used my time for positive improvements.  Almost the whole salon has been repainted. It’s fresh and clean. I also took this opportunity during my time off to learn new haircuts on Zoom (as well as other topics of coping with life during Covid, which, by this time, we are all tired of hearing about).

It is time to start getting back to Normal, whatever “normal” means now. I am going to ask you for your patience. I have to get 100+ people scheduled. I am very fortunate to be a small salon. I will not have to schedule your appointments that much differently than I did before. However, there are still some changes that are going to slow me down.  I am going to work at the best of my ability and as fast as I can.

If I have not contacted you yet please call for an appointment. 248-669-1600

Ok, so here are the new rules, I did not make them up. The State Licensing Board of Michigan dictates how I work. We have very strict sanitation rules that come with Cosmetology. Now we will have more. I am going to follow these rules for YOUR safety and MY safety. I am in very close proximity to others. And I am responsible for humans in my establishment. Thank you so much for your patience. This will be new for me too. I know that these guidelines will be relaxed eventually.

  • Be on time. My door will be locked until it is time for your appointment. Please wait in your car until I text you to come in. (or call if you don’t text, please bring your phone). This is because I have to clean surfaces with something that kills the virus. This includes the chairs, shampoo sink, counters, bathroom, door handles, Me, etc. I will have to schedule this cleaning time. The reception area will have to be closed for the time being. You will not be able to use the coat area either. Your car is a good place for that. Try not to bring extra items with you. Please be respectful for the next person and leave when your appointment time is done. Thank you!
  • Do not bring guests with you, including children. There is nowhere for them to sit.
  • I will have to take your temperature when you arrive.
  • Please do not come sick. I will reschedule anyone who appears sick. I cannot stay open if I get sick.
  • Masks will be mandatory.  I will have the proper PPE that I need and will be able to provide it to you. If you bring your own it has to have the loops behind the ears so I can successfully manage the service. I have been stocking up.
  • I will always be wearing a mask. Sometimes a face shield as well. I may complain.
  • I will be using individual capes for each person. And every tool will be sterilized. I have purchased a UV sterilizer for brushes.
  • I will retrieve the styling products that you need to purchase. Otherwise I have to sterilize everything on my shelves. I will be sad.
  • Due to the increase in demand I find it necessary to institute a cancellation policy (see below).

Cancellation Policy

  • As a courtesy, please remember to call as soon as you know that you will be unable to make your scheduled appointment OR you are eliminating part of your service.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before your visit I will charge you 50% of your scheduled services upon your next visit.
  • If you do not arrive for your appointment you will be charged 100% of your scheduled services upon your next visit.  

I look forward to seeing you again. Even with all the rules I know we will enjoy our time together.

Stay healthy my friends!

Jackie Allen
Jackie Allen Hair Design
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