The Italian Touch

Spring is underway! You can already feel the change literally in the air with the daily climate Change. Michigan never disappoints with a different temperature and precipitation everyday.

Spring signals a fresh regeneration of nature and attitude. Following Natures lead, fashion resets as well. And so it begins, cravings of transformation. Depending on your situation, that can be a complete overhaul or just the addition of a few fun things. Although a new outfit or two can feel so refreshing, just the addition of a new belt, purse or a choker necklace can help to get you started.

The same is true of your hairstyle. This is a good time to update your hair color and edit your haircut. If length is your strength adding a bolder complimenting color can be a good way to freshen things up. A highlight of golden or chestnut color can be a nice addition. Some lighter ends can be painted on and still be easy to maintain. If you need a boost of real change short boyish styles are trending now with pastel colors. And of course Bob lengths are always a staple of any season. This year they are a little longer. Styling can be maintained wavy or wet looking with gels.

I am enjoying getting acquainted to the latest trend release from Kemon, collection #21. Each collection is meant to inspire understanding of what is happening in respect to hair cutting and coloring and the clothing that completes it. “Retrobit” and “Soul” are two different points of reference in this collection. Please enjoy this link and feel inspired.