A list of the services I offer at my salon, and the prices for each.


I approach the art of haircutting first by listening to your needs. I apply my knowledge that I have gained at hair cutting classes to make sure that you have a haircut that works for your hair texture, lifestyle and personal image. And, I make sure each client has been shown how to reproduce their new hairstyle on their own using the right products they need to look their best.

Women $55 Men $37 Children $30


Have an upcoming event that you'd like to prepare for? I get many requests for blowdry's and updo's prior to weddings, graduations, and other special times of the year (especially during the holidays!). Just leave it to me--I can help you create that special look you are aiming for.

Blowdry $35 Updo $55

Hair Coloring

I have always enjoyed coloring hair. In 2010 I began using Kemon hair color. It is the most amazing hair color I have ever experienced. And experience I Have! I feel limitless when I am consulting with my clients to create the best color for their individual needs.

To find out more about my Kemon hair coloring process, please click here.

New Growth $60 All Over $70

Hair Highlights

The evolution of hair color has become so creative--what used to be linear highlights have become so much more. Of course there is still a place for a few streaks of color--tinted hair always benefits in dimension. But now we are seeing “color-melting“ which infuses plain tinted hair with more than one shade. And “balyage” which is freehand painting to create a softer highlight. “Ombre” when done correctly is a gradual color enhancement that becomes lighter in the ends and is great for less maintenance at the new growth area. Highlights can also be a combination of all of these techniques.

Balayage Starting at $125 Partial $75 Full $100

Curly-Q Perm

Looking to add some waves to your hair? I will give your hair the desired amount of curliness/waviness using my set of tools and treatments. Your hair will remain as wavy as the moment you walked out of my salon for some time to come! (Just be sure to care for it properly, of course.)

Permanent Waves $90

Treatments & Other Services

I have salon-only treatments that can assist in removing chlorine and mineral build-up (Malibu), or assist with moisturizing and protein-enriching dry, damaged hair (Deep Condition). I also offer eyebrow tweezing and custom makeup application, separate from or combined with other services.

Malibu $25 Deep Condition $25 Makeup $55 Tweezing $15


I find it necessary to spend the first part of your appointment discussing what your expectations for your hair appointment to-be. During this time we utilize pictures that you may provide, or other inspirations that I can provide. I also use the swatch books that accompany my haircolor treatments to come to a decision as to what works best for your individual needs.