September 1, 2016

Holidays Are Coming!

It's that time of the year again--time for a holiday reminder! As of now (9/1) we are 61 days from Halloween, 84 days away from Thanksgiving and in 116 days from Christmas & Chanukah.
September 25, 2016

Hair Loss and You

People are always asking hair questions and with the help of the Internet and a great book titled “Don’t Go Shopping for Hair–Care Products Without Me”, by Paula Begun, I've untangled some fun hair facts.
October 9, 2016

Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the new home of Jackie Allen Hair Design on the web! I decided to spruce things up with the site we've had up for the past ten years--I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.
November 28, 2016

A Bad Hair Day

Picture a rope consisting of a lot of thinner pieces twisted together--this is not unlike hair that is made up of many cells of amino acids or proteins twisted together like a rope.
December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Twelve years now in business for myself (!), and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Of course I owe it all to my exceptional clients that […]
January 30, 2017

Do You Know Hair?

Hair is a lot more than just a pile of dead cells on the top of your head! 10 interesting hair facts you may not know...