I use and sell only the best salon-grade products available.


I am always looking for great hair products to offer to my clients to maintain their hair color and support ease of hair styling. I truly believe that professional recommendations make for a personalized experience. I am so excited about Pai-Shau, my latest addition to the products that I offer.

PAI-SHAU’S SIGNATURE TEA COMPLEX blends a variety of enriching teas, nourishing vitamins and protective antioxidants in a rich formula that soothes the scalp and leaves hair silky soft with an illuminating gloss. Citrusy neroli and sweet vegan musk fragrances are balanced by floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang, turning every Pai-Shau experience into a heavenly pampered escape for all the senses.

INFUSED INTO EVERY PRODUCT, THE SIGNATURE TEA COMPLEX works at every level, root to tip, inside and out..

FOR THE SCALP: the teas create an optimal growth environment by removing build-up, stimulating circulation to help speed growth, and reducing inflammation.

FOR THE HAIR: the teas gently dissolve build-up, allowing moisture and nutrients to deeply penetrate as well as soften and smooth undesirable texture.

In 2010 I began using Kemon—it's the most amazing hair color I've ever experienced.

Kemon hair color was developed in 1959 in Italy by the Nocentini family. They grow many of the ingredients on the family farm as has been their tradition with the need in mind to make a safe and effective hair color. It has continued to this day to be innovative with as many organic ingredients, latest technology, and devotion to fashion and the evolutions in style.

To find out more about Kemon hair color products, and about my haircolor process in general, please click here.