Kemon Hair Coloring

In 2010 I began using Kemon—it's the most amazing hair color I've ever experienced.

Kemon hair color was developed in 1959 in Italy by the Nocentini family. They grow many of the ingredients on the family farm as has been their tradition with the need in mind to make a safe and effective hair color. It has continued to this day to be innovative with as many plant based ingredients, latest technology, and devotion to fashion and the evolutions in style.

This is why I connect with the Kemon company. I like that Kemon cares about the wellbeing of myself and that of my clients wellbeing . I like that they take the time to educate me with the knowledge of the brand and about the fashion trends. Twice a year a collection is released (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter), and I learn about the new haircuts, hair color, clothing, art and culture of that season. They believe in the freedom to be who you are and still be true to yourself and your personal style.

This is part of my brand. My brand is education. It is how I have always approached my occupation. I learn and grow and bring that to my clients. I truly like what I do. In my personal time I enjoy gardening. This has brought my awareness to the connection to the earth and the environment. It is so important to be mindful of our planet. It is also with this consideration that I have a relationship with the Kemon company who also respects the planet we live on and is always in the forefront of Green Initiatives. They have a commitment to using renewable resoarces and also to using biobased packaging. By reducing greenhouse gasses in their manufacturing and offsetting or preventing emissions, Kemon has realized a favorable environmetal impact.

In 2010 I began using Kemon hair color. I am also a Kemon certified colorist. I am always learning new trends and deepening my knowledge as a professional stylist. With advanced color techniques and theory under my belt, my journey as an educator has been one of empowerment and growth, both for myself and others. As part of the #Kemonculture, I've come to enjoy the collaborative community and its support and positivity shared between its members. The relationships and opportunities born from this community have been a rewarding part of my worklife and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Kemon Hair Color Systems That I use include:: Nayo Color System, Cramer Color System, Lunex Lightening System, Coloro