The Science Behind Your Haircut

One of the most frequent questions I receive from clients in the chair is, “What style should I wear?” When it comes to making recommendations, my philosophy is always to base them on objective appraisals of what is best for that particular individual. While there are thousands of different combinations that can make up a single haircut, there are three main factors that influence what styles work best for you: proportion, texture, and trends.

Understanding the proportions of one’s facial features is the first step in understanding why a specific haircut would be chosen. Have you ever analyzed your facial features? You may find that, alongside the vast majority of humanity, they are not actually symmetrical. That’s where a great haircut can step in, bridging that gap in symmetry by balancing the different proportions of your face. Things like layers, bangs, and even the way your hair is parted can influence the balance of your facial features. 

The texture of your hair can make a big impact on your haircut as well. A style can be smooth, like a one-length bob, or spiky, like an edgy pixie cut. Hair can be textured just on the ends to contrast the smoothness of one-length hair, or within a shape to create room for the hair to easily move. What’s important to keep in mind, though, is that not all hair likes to be textured. Coarse hair, for example, can end up frizzy after being textured. It’s important to discuss any limitations your hair may have before deciding on a style. 

Last, but certainly not least, are hair trends. These trends are constantly evolving, just as our techniques continually evolve to recreate them. In our current digital age, there are plenty of places to find all the latest and greatest hair styles, even the cuts we consider “classic” in the hair world. Websites like Pinterest, Google, Instagram, Youtube, or lesser known sites like Byrdie can offer great inspiration, if you don’t mind losing a few hours scrolling through them all. But even if it’s a style I haven’t seen before, my experience behind the chair gives me the confidence to learn any new cut. Alongside that is my access to a myriad of educational resources. Live events, hands-on training, and even now virtual training keeps both my mind and my scissors sharp and ready to craft your perfect haircut.